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I am Nnamchi Israel a Software developer and cyber security expert and I am the CEO and Founder of Apaxaa my new StartUp company ,which would be Launched This year.

My dreams has been to help Nigeria, Africa and the world by impacting with the power of technology and i know i can. Open up to collaborations, jobs and sponsorships.

My Experiences

Hi! i have had alot of experiences so Far! In the journey i have worked under 3 StartUps and 2 companies And the Founder of Apaxaa as well as Co Founder of Trednix

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Want to Hire Me??

Currently i work FrontEnd jobs only and little PHP Applications too! This is due to my tight schedule and projects i am currently working on.

Want to Hire Me??
Currently i work FrontEnd jobs only and little PHP Applications too! This is due to my tight schedule and projects i am currently working on.

Places i have visited so far


From Birth-2014


Visits on Regulars


Visits on Regulars



Visible Projects to View On Github

Awesome Online Editor
Awesome Text Editor For PCThis is a simple basic but awesome editor,that works like codepen and w3schools. Powered by Stylet.CSS. More features coming up soon On:22nd January 2022
PyCoinPyCoin is an imaginary website that talks about PyCoin a cypto mining app that allows users mine using the Python Programming Language On:14th November 2022
Vernsa Waitlist
Vernsa WaitlistVernsa Is a platform that allows user perform transactions from anywhere, anytime in the world to anyone without limitations and without issues. This is the wailist for the platform On:22nd November 2022
Vernsa Waitlist
Mobile Web PhoneMobile web phone uses a mobile ui and environment, it's default password is 1111, you can test it out On:22nd December 2022
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My favorite IDE

Web languages, frameworks and PL

These are the web languages, frameworks and programming language i use in creating websites

Nnamchi Israel

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speed at work

How fast am i with projects, based on reviews

very fast!

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How to contact Me?

As you may or may not know i am a pretty occupied person who is always online 24/7 and always ready for a project. If you want to have a Chit Chat with me Chat me on these platform in which i am mostly active

What they think
about me.

Reviews made by some friends, co-workers and client.

Bright kingsley
Bright Kingsley.

"Wow. I'd love to work with someone like you someday."

Good News
Ifey Love Promise.

"Handsome🥰,intelligent🤭and really going places🥺🌈."

Daniel Kings.

"Working with a great mind like you is a pleasure. You are very smart and focused. You will soon share with me the secret to your success lol"

Ehonam theAkl.

"You are a tech god and you deny it everytime lol. Looking at your works you are amazing Making hstory bro!"

Anyaa Chisom
Anyaa Chisom.

"I met Israel in 2021 at that time i was just a beginner with the web concepts and he helped me advanced rapidly with his help i am a certified web developer and app developer under a year!He is a great influence and coach."

Dev impact.

"Israel has always surprised us. He is a determined fellow and great in his works. His ideas are beyond this world. And we might be looking at the next big tech guy to come in history."

Asmur I.

"I was in need of a blogging system and i came across israel from facebook, just telling him few words he brought my imaginary blogging system to life which is well functioning."


Frequenty asked questions

How long does it take for me to get a project website done?

The time or duration of the project depends on the category in which the project falls under. Blogging website wouldnt take more than 1 week to complete.

How is the charging like?

I am a very great software developer which can be seen from the projects i have worked on and working on. I charge from $200 above and nothing less.

is there upfront payments?

Yes, you will have to make payments of atleast quarter to half of the total payment. It is compulsory before any project will be instanstiated.

Things you need to know?

I am not a graphic designer nor UI/UX designer, so all materials required will be provided by you or dummy materials can be used.

Are you down for a full-time job?

No thanks, i decline full-time jobs not minding the pay. However, i am opened to part-time jobs.


I do not carry out refunds on projects, before accepting to build a project , i do make sure it's what i can carry out and if not i wont engage in it.

Do you offer support?

Yes, i do offer support for issues that might arrive to you as my client. You can reach out to me by sending me an email, you can use the hire me button to do this. Or chat me on my active social media handle mostly facebook and telegram.

Apaxaa Inc – The Software Company.

Apaxaa is a software company situated in Nigeria, Founded in 2020 by Nnamchi Israel and Abdulgafari Afolabi. We believe that technology is the way to futuristic advancements and development. Apaxaa Inc is the parenting company to Vernsa, Bookish Africa, $eeds, HostingCrab and so on.

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